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A standard protocol for electronic trader enablement.

The Trading Enablement Standardisation Initiative (TESI) is another example of a collaboration initiative launched by the investment banking community and Etrading Software to promote an open standard for the enablement, permissioning or configuration of dealers and their clients across external electronic trading platforms and internal single dealer platforms.
Driven by the influx of trading venues as a result of the Dodd-Frank regulation, the banks were seeking an electronic messaging standard that increased efficiency, improve accuracy and provide better control over client permissioning in time for the SEF go-live in the latter part of 2013.
Within Fixed Income, the protocol extended to cover client management of cash bonds and swaps and many of the key D2C platforms were there with an implementation of the standard by the end of 2013, however the scope quickly extended beyond the original remit.  With ETS having built the community, TESI participants aimed to extend the instrument scope and venue adoption in future phases.
9 February 2017
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