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FX ECN Latency Remediation

Measurement and remediation of FX ECN connectivity using ETS toolset.
Measurement of a client’s FX hedging connectivity through the Etrading Software Latency Benchmarking Service (LBS) revealed  significant round-trip latency outliers for order submission to a key execution venue.  ETS proprietary  measurement toolset provided high value add as an engagement accelerant and as a very accurate measurement and correlation tool across multiple layers in the technology stack.
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9 February 2017
Grant Wilson discusses the ongoing growth of Neptune during 2017.
25 January 2017
Grant Wilson, Neptune CEO & Managing Partner at ETS announces the appointment of Byron Cooper-Fogarty.
10 November 2016
Neptune announces the addition of Citi and Deutsche Bank to the consortium
13 October 2016
Etrading Software named the management services partner for the DSB