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Etrading Software was founded in 2005 by Sassan Danesh & Murray Reid with the goal of bringing efficiency and stability to the burgeoning electronic trading markets.  Using their expertise in etrading processes, the partners and their senior team developed strategies for existing and new participants in the etrading marketplace and implemented key projects to take these clients live.​
As electronic trading markets matured and the pressure of regulation increased, Etrading Software was asked to facilitate multi-bank initiatives that allowed market participants to address common problems together.
This collaboration work has become core to Etrading Software's business. In addition to our experience in managing a community, we apply our deep technical expertise to solve these common problems using open standards and commoditized technologies - lowering the cost for the industry as a whole.
Etrading Software's senior team has detailed experience across an investment bank's business:
Murray Reid


With over 20 years’ experience working within financial institutions, Murray has built up extensive business and technical expertise in electronic trading and the technology that underpins this. Murray’s background combines mission-critical high-performance systems development experience with business analysis and programme management with strong stakeholder management. Murray has extensive experience in successfully developing front office applications including real-time pricing, trading, risk and reference data management systems.

Sassan Danesh


Sassan Danesh has 20 years' experience assisting capital markets institutions to grow their OTC market franchise by optimising the business performance of their technology offerings. Sassan's more recent focus is on the role of technology in addressing industry-wide issues. He is passionate about the benefits of industry collaboration in providing technology solutions that optimise inefficiencies in market structure.

Grant Wilson


With over 15 years’ experience working for financial institutions in London, NY and Asia, Grant has built up broad business and technical expertise across operations and trading and, in particular, electronic trading, clearing and market structure change and their underlying technologies.

Grant’s background combines deep product knowledge across FICC and FX with strong business, programme management and stakeholder management. Grant has extensive experience in market structure change including understanding the impact and opportunities that regulations will bring.

11 October 2016
Sassan Danesh discusses the importance of the technical specification release for connecting to the DSB.
19 September 2016
Project Sentinel numbers increase as the initiative starts work with its short-listed technology partners
18 September 2016
ANNA has appointed Etrading Software to be their ISIN Engine technical partner.
15 September 2016
ANNA announces the ISIN Engine initiative being run with Etrading Software along with a timeline for delivery.